Surrounded by birds, rare mammals and tropical butterflies. A Stay at The Canopy is truely rare experience. An emersion in nature. The Canopy Treehouses offer five river front treehouses, perched over the banks of the Ithica River. The Bower is set high over the fertile agricultural land, backing onto the rainforest. The Bower is a rainforest experience with sweeping views.


Perfect for romantic weekends or a relaxing break with family and friend’s.
These two Bedroom Treehouses feature,
Full kitchens, private spa baths, elevated balconies complete with BBQ & hammocks. The ultimate emersion in nature and comfort.


Ideal for larger groups, and familys this three bedroom treehouse sleeps up to 8 people. With uninteruped views over the atheron tablelands, and backing onto the privately preserved rainforest. This is the ideal getaway. Or perhaps it can be booked in conjunction with some river front treehouses as part of a function or event. 


Stayed with the kids for 2 nights. Such a cosy treehouse with a log fire. New hosts were so helpful and lovely. Saw platypus in the river, kangaroos ate our bananas and a cassowary in the grounds. Perfect!!!!

Milimbar - Trip Advisor

Hands down 5 stars. Great place for a family. Very friendly and helpful staff. The house was great. Visited in mid July, weather was a bit on the cooler side. At night we needed a light jacket outside, the wood stove was a great feature to warm up to. Fed the turtles in river, including the birds and other animals that come up to the porch in the evening. Only regret is that we didn’t book a longer stay. Kids (13 & 15) also loved staying there, also wished we stayed longer! Bonus, seeing the two cassowaries!

Becky Chickering - Google Review

The Canopy Treehouses truly are a hidden away utopia, The Bower house is the most luxurious, romantic, private and peaceful place to have your Honeymoon ? Everything you could possibly need is supplied and your surrounded by beautiful wildlife and impressive views… what more could you want?

Leesa Baldwin - Facebook Review


Amazing place to stay, in the middle of the rainforest with beatifull animals. There is one big walking track and several small ones. You can see Cassowaries, Turtles, Platypus, colorful Birds, Wallabees and more. The Treehouses themself are very luxurious with everything you need. Although you recognize the age of the houses everything is very clean. All in all a very unique experience.

Lukas Wi

History of the Canopy

Originally all the land on the Atherton Tablelands was covered with rainforest. European Settlement began in the 1900’ and most of the rainforest has since been cleared. Thankfully, the land that the Canopy Rainforest Treehouses and Wildlife Sanctuary now occupies was saved from the clearing out by it first owners, the Hogan brothers (i.e. the Hogan Road). 

After their death, the land was purchased by local Dairy Farmers Pat and Val Sheehan in the mid 20th century. The Sheehan’s were doing very well and acquired the rainforest block simply because it bordered their farm. The Sheehan’s never found the need to use the land and our rainforest survived clearing for a second time!

Harry and Sandra Walker purchased the block in 1979 from Pat and Val Sheehan, who were subdividing their dairy farm. They owned all the land from the rainforest – on both sides of the river – up to the highway. Initially a small house was built at the end of the bitumen on Hogan’s Road and then the main house in the forest was finished in 1990.


The constructions of the treehouses began in July 1997 and were completed in April 2001, and the Bower House was completed in November 2002.  

The current owners purchased the property from the Walkers’ in January 2005. They are reforesting the adjoining land where The Bower is situated and this will increase the habitat area by some 30 acres when complete.


The Canopy has raised a lot of interest from scientists since 1985. C.S.I.R.O. and various universities and students have used the rainforest for research since 1985. One of these studies by the C.S.I.R.O. has shown that this rainforest, has consistently over a 2-year period, produced 4 to 7 times the amount of fruit than other study sites in nearby rainforests. 

This rich source of food along with the general deforestation in the area accounts for the phenomenally high density of wildlife in this rainforest.

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