The Tablelands has some of the richest farming land in Australia. Growing everything from tropical fruits, bananas mangos avocados and even strawberries & blueberries.  Native Australian delights like Atherton Nut, Oray Plum, Lemon Aspen & finger lime.

Rich volcanic soils and year round growing conditions make the tablelands a foodies paradise.

Rainforest Bounty

Nestled in the heart of the Atherton Tablelands we’ve put our passion for regenerative agriculture to work crafting a range of incredible products using truly Australian flavours.

We demand the best from ourselves, that’s why only the highest quality, locally sourced and grown ingredients go into our products to share with you.

Mt Uncle Distillery

Mt. Uncle Distillery began its life in 2001 and is the creation of Head Distiller and Director Mark Watkins.

The distillery began with a multitude of liqueurs sourcing ingredients and fruits from Mt Uncle farm itself and other local farm lands.

Mungalli Creek Dairy

At Mungalli Biodynamic our farms are more than just cows and pasture. We have planted rainforest and created wetlands to cultivate a living farm organism.  Our farms are full of wallabies, cassowaries and a diverse bird population and even dingoes, exactly as a biodynamic farm should be.

Wildlife Tours

The Atherton tablelands of home to some 75% of all Australian Flora & Fauna, making it an ideal place to tick off some of Australias best wildlife spotting.

Eyes On Wildlife

Eyes on Wildlife offers birding and wildlife tours in Cairns and surrounds in Far North Queensland, Australia.

We have an exceptional biological diversity which few other regions in the world can compete with. The Great Barrier Reef, Daintree National Park and the Atherton Tablelands are the best known destinations around Cairns, but Far North Queensland has so much to discover it can dazzle even the most experienced naturalist!

Together we will uncover the hidden wonders of the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics of Queensland and beyond. With personalized itineraries we will make sure you see the birds and other wildlife you travelled here for, and maximize the time you have for photography.

We will also unveil the escapades of our nocturnal wildlife on our specialized nocturnal spotlighting tours. Don’t miss out on seeing our Wet Tropics possums, gliders or Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo and other mammals. Book a tour today! Patrick will guide you with passion!

Allans Wildlife Tours

Amusing stories about the plants and animals not only entertain you but fashion significant memories. As a teacher with a wide range of experience, Alan relates well to children.

Tours are conducted from the luxury of Alan’s 2016 Toyota Prado. Alan has a current senior first aid certificate. National Park permits and insurance are held.

MArkets & Events

The Atherton tablelands is home to mamy busteling markets. Almost every weekend you can find local producers, art & craft stalls. Along with a growing calandar of Special events & festivals.


The Atherton Tablelands is home to some of the best busteling markets, from crusty pastries that would be at home in a paresian street stall too rare Australian native fruits youll be sure to find a delight.

Festivals & Events

Rodeo’s, Music Festivals, Cycling races we have it all

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